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10 x AK47 7.62mm Rounds (Inert) A group of 10 x AK47 assault rifle rounds. The rounds are inert 7.62 x 39mm steel cased. Good collectors group. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
1940’s WW2 Valentine Tank Sweetheart Brooch A nice sweetheart brooch in the shape of a British WW2 Valentine tank. The badge is secured via a pin on the reverse. The brooch is made from a pressed base metal. Fantastic details. The measurements are 3.2cm long by 1.2cm tall.
1953 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Battle Blouse A vintage 1953 dated RCAC (Royal Canadian Army Cadets) battle dress jacket. The jacket was from a cadet of the ‘British Columbia Regiment Canada’ as indicated with the two cloth shoulder badges. Each of the sleeves has the red cloth maple leaf RCAC badge. The jacket is made by ‘Bonds Clothes Shops’ and is labelled ‘Blouse, Battledress RCAC’ and is a size 25 dated 1953. The jacket is in very good condition.
20mm M51A2 Dummy Round (Inert) An inert 20mm M15A2 dummy round as used by the Cobra gunship. The round has a black painted jacket and a blue projectile head. Overall length is 17cm. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
American M1 Garand Strip and 8 Inert Rounds M1 Garand clip of 8 x .30-06 rounds (inert) as used in the U.S. M1 Garand rifle. The bullets can be easily unloaded and loaded into the clip. Great re-enactors or display piece. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Belt of 50 5.56mm Bullets (Inert) A good belt of 50 linked 5.56mm inert rounds. As used in the Minimi / SAW. The belt measures 61cm long by 6cm tall and weighs 500 grams. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
British 1949 Pattern Battle Dress Jacket Dated 1952 A very nice British 49 pattern battle dress jacket. These were known by the soldiers as the ‘battle blouse’ due to the labelling on the inside. This khaki jacket is a size 10, dated to 1952 and in almost new condition.
British 2” Mortar Illumination Round (Inert) A vintage British 2” Illumination mortar round (inert). The round is dated for 1979 and measures 24cm long by 5cm wide. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
British 30mm ADEN Cannon Round A British 30 x 110mm ADEN cannon round. The round is an unfired practice round with a blue band around the projectile. The extractor groove is stamped ‘30mm RG 84’, which identifies the round to have been made at the Royal Ordnance Factory at Radway Green in 1984. The Royal Small Arms Factory ADEN is a 30 mm revolver cannon used on many military aircraft, particularly those of the British Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm. Examples of aircraft fitted with the armament are the Hawker Hunter and the Sea Harrier. Overall length is 20 cm and weighing 650 grams. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
British Military Sam Browne Belt Dated 1937 A good Sam Browne officers belt dated 1937. The belt is in good well used condition and fits up to size 38”. All the brass fixings and buckles are present and work as they should. The belt is marked ‘M Cd 1937’.
Brown Bess Socket Bayonet - S Dawes A good, original British Brown Bess socket bayonet for use with the .75 caliber India Pattern Brown Bess flintlock musket. The India Pattern musket and bayonet were introduced in 1795, making the India Pattern Brown Bess Britain's primary infantry arm during the Napoleonic Wars. The blade is stamped with "S. Dawes", this pre dates 1803 when the firm became "W & S Dawes”. The blade is very good with no chips or nicks and measures 17” with the overall length 21.75”. A very good solid example. No scabbard. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Devonshire Regiment 1930 Silver Hallmarked Company Cricket Medal A fantastic solid silver Devonshire regiment ‘company cricket winners’ medal, dated 1930. The hallmarks are for London 1929 by Pinchers of London. The medal bears the Devonshire regiments badge on the front and the inscription ‘winners company cricket 1930’ on the rear. The medal shows its age with scuffs, nicks and general age. The diameter is 32mm and weighs 16.82 grams. A fantastic piece of history
Early Civil Defence Corps Cloth Badge A good original Civil Defense Corps cloth badge with the kings crown. The Civil Defence Corps (CDC) was a civilian volunteer organisation established in Great Britain in 1949 to mobilise and take local control of the affected area in the aftermath of a major national emergency, principally envisaged as being a Cold War nuclear attack. The CDC was stood down in Great Britain in 1968. This example is an original early version between 1949 and 1953 as depicted by the kings crown. The cloth badge measures 8cm tall by 6.5cm wide. An interesting original badge.
Heckler & Koch 5.56mm 30 Round Magazine A good quality 30 round 5.56mm steel magazine by H&K (Heckler & Koch). German made. This fits the HK416 and AR15 rifles. The magazine is used but in very serviceable condition. The spring has great tension and very light rusting on the magazines outer. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Hungarian Cold War 76M Gas Mask Size 2 This is an issued 76M Hungarian civil defense gas mask from the 1970's. Designed for civilians and civil defense members to work in chemical and nuclear contaminated areas, this mask can be considered as a typical Cold War-era radioactive fallout gas mask. Made from green tent canvas with rubber and has a sheep-velour face sealing. The straps are made from elasticated canvas. The mask comes with a 70M filter.
Lee Enfield No9 Mk1 Bayonet A good Lee Enfield No9 Mk1 Bayonet with scabbard to fit the No4 rifle. The bayonet was manufactured at the Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield in 1951 and has the broad arrow stamp. Fullered bowie pattern blade with non rounded tip. The press release catch works perfectly. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
MG34 / MG42 7.92mm Belt of 50 Rounds (Inert) A very nice belt of MG34 / MG42 7.92 x 57mm inert rounds in original link. Each round measures 8cm long. All in great condition. Great collectors or re enactors piece. The belt measures 34” long and weighs 1.3 kgs. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Original WW2 German Civic Police Helmet M34 An original WW2 German civic police M34 helmet without liner. The German Police (Deutsche Polizei) utilized lightweight "civic" model helmets while working in hazardous situations. These were worn for the purpose of protecting the head during regular duty when the weight of a combat helmet was not needed. The reference to "civic" stems from modern collector terminology that is used to distinguish these lightweight helmets from those used in combat. This is a steel version and still has its 4 liner attachment lugs present. Sadly the decals / transfers have been scratched off at some point. The helmet still has most of its original black paint.
Pair of WW2 Merchant Navy Lieutenant Engineer Shoulder Boards. A great pair of WW2 Merchant Navy Lieutenant Engineer shoulder boards. The ‘engineer’ position is indicated by the purple line between the gold. Both boards are in excellent condition and both have their laces and Merchant Navy buttons. One shoulder board is missing its backing disc.
Pattern E Musket Bayonet 1843 East India Company An East India Company pattern ‘E’ musket bayonet circa 1843 - 1844. A nice example with a 16” blade and a 3” socket. The overall length is 19.75”. The blade is stamped ‘G.S.’ for George Salter and ‘JH’. The socket has a groove for a Hanoverian catch. The bayonet is in good condition with no chips or nicks. A nice collectors piece. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Post WW2 German DSB Jugend (Youth) Badge Set A nice post war German youth DSB (Deutsches Sportabzeichen) set. The set comprises of a cloth patch, a stick pin and a badge. All 3 items have the letter ‘J’ on the lower part of the wreath for jugend or youth. This design badge originated after WW2 in the 1950’s. The stickpin and the badge both have maker marks to their rear ”Ges Gesch” and “S T & L Ludenscheid”
RAF Tornado / Typhoon 27mm Round (Inert) A good 27 x 145mm inert round as used in the RAF Tornado and Typhoon. The round comes with a single link. The link is stamped ‘MK2 RG’. The round and link have light surface rust. Great display item. A very nice and uncommon piece. The round measures 9.5” tall and weighs 623 grams. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Set of 4 x SA80 Magazines and 5.56mm Speed Loader A set of 4 SA80 30 round 5.56mm magazines and a speed loader. The magazines are all made by ‘Radway Green’ and in good working order. The speed loader is made by ‘Thermold USA’. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Solid Silver ARP Air Raid Precaution Badge 1938 A solid silver ARP badge, hallmarked London 1938. Air Raid Precautions (ARP) was an organisation in the United Kingdom set up in 1937 dedicated to the protection of civilians from the danger of air raids. It included the Raid Wardens' Service that was to report on bombing incidents. Every local council was responsible for organising ARP wardens, messengers, ambulance drivers, rescue parties and liaison with police and fire brigades. From 1 September 1939, ARP Wardens enforced the "blackout". Heavy curtains and shutters were required on all private residences, commercial premises, and factories to prevent light escaping and so making them a possible target for enemy bombers to locate their targets. With increased enemy bombing during the Blitz, the ARP services were central in reporting and dealing with bombing incidents. They managed the air raid sirens and ensured people were directed to shelters. The badge measures 1 1/2” tall by 1” wide.
Vintage 1950’s Navy Doll Toy An 1950’s sailor doll, made of plastic and with felt clothes. The eyes close when he’s laid down. The headband on his headwear says HMS Victory. He has some age related wear, but all in all in good condition. The doll stands at 6” tall.
Vintage 20mm Oerlikon Round (Inert) An inert vintage Oerlikon 20 x 128mm anti aircraft round. Green painted casing with steel head. The headstamp dates the round for 1983 and made by the British Munitions company. The round stands at 19.5cm tall. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Vintage Brass U.S. Cavalry Trumpet A handsome vintage US brass cavalry trumpet with its original silver plated removable mouthpiece. The trumpet has been regularly polished and shows signs of age with small dents and scratches. The trumpet still plays well. There are no makers marks. A very attractive piece. The piece measures 17” long with a bell diameter of just over 5”.
Vintage British Army NBC Suit MK4 (Olive) XL This vintage Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) protection suit is NATO issue and brand new. This olive green charcoal lined NBC suit includes a zipped smock and a pair of NBC trousers. The NBC Suit is still sealed in its original packaging. The size is height 190cm and chest / waist 108cm and dated 1994.
Vintage British Military GPO (General Post Office) Telephone Line / Cable Hand Winch 1950 A 1950 dated military GPO (General Post Office) telephone line and cable / wire tension hand winch. The winch is date stamped 1950 and has the ‘Wilkinsons’ makers mark along with the broad arrow stamp and GPO mark. These winch’s were used for the raising of field telephone lines by the military. The winch is complete and works perfectly. On one side of the line clamp the maximum load wight is stamped ‘100 LB’. On the opposite side the weight stamp is ‘150 - 200LB’. The cable extents to 44” long and the overall weight is 1.2kgs. A very interesting piece of military history.
Vintage Cold War Soviet Army Greatcoat A very nice original Cold War period Soviet army greatcoat. The greatcoat has soviet era badges indicating that it was from a communications soldier of the soviet army (CA). These include shoulder boards, collar titles and 2 sleeve badges. The khaki wool great coat has 5 hook fasteners on the front along with 5 soviet buttons for decorative purposes. The buttons are date stamped ‘79 for the year 1979. The rear has 3 small buttons at the bottom along with a double button waist strap. The coat has 2 large inside pockets and a smaller internal button fastened chest pocket. On the inside pocket is a Russian military stamp and above written in ink is the soldiers service number and the date ‘11.79’ The coat is in good condition. Size small. This is an original heavy vintage greatcoat. A superb display piece from an interesting time period.
Vintage Dutch Air Force Greatcoat A very smart vintage Dutch Air Force greatcoat. The navy blue coat is made of wool and has a two piece collar. The coat has two rows of Dutch Air Force buttons and two exterior pockets. The inside is lined with two internal breast height button closed pockets. Each cuff is double buttoned and the coat has buttoned epaulettes also. The label on the inside reads ‘Hedex Maat: 5H’ and is dated for 1986. The coat is a size L / XL and is in very good if not new condition. A very usable piece of uniform.
Vintage Hand Carved RAF Plaque A very nice vintage RAF badge hand carved on a hardwood plaque. Very nice detail to the carving and the wood has a great patina. Circa 1920's to 30’s. A very interesting piece. The plaque measures 6” tall by 5” wide.
Vintage Lee Enfield Rifle Cut Down Stock A vintage cut down Lee Enfield rifle stock. The stock has been cut off at the trigger hands grip position. The purpose of this is unknown. The stock has its original brass butt plate with oiler door. The inside of the oiler door has the stamp ‘F 54’ above the Enfield logo in a rhombus shape. The piece also has its original sling swivel. The stock itself has the number ‘88’ stamped on one side and the letter ‘S’ at the top of the stock. The stock measures 9” long. A curious item.
Vintage Merchant Navy P&O Officers Cap Badge / Band A great example of a vintage Merchant Navy P&O lines officers cap badge / band. The bullion badge and band are in very good condition for their age. The badge measures 3” across by 2.5” tall. A very nice collectors piece.
Vintage Oerlikon 35 x 228mm Anti Aircraft Round (Inert) An uncommon inert Oerlikon 35mm anti aircraft practice round. Green painted casing with blue steel head. The headstamp dates the round for 1981 and made by the British Munitions company for overseas customers. Oerlikon is a Swiss twin GDF-002 Anti-Aircraft system supplied to numerous countries. The piece measures 39cms tall by 5.4cm wide and weighs 1.7kgs. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Vintage RAF Navigators Bag with Ruler 1975 Vintage RAF navigators bag with ruler. The 1975 dated bag is heavy duty blue-grey canvas with leather handle, straps and bindings. Several internal compartments for maps, drawing instruments, documents etc. The bag has a locking clasp and two buckled securing straps. Shows general wear and some fading but the fabric is otherwise in good condition. The handle is strong and the straps are in full working order. These cases also make excellent briefcases or laptop bags too. The navigators ruler is broad arrow marked and is stamped ‘Nautical miles 1/500,000’ and ‘Nautical miles 1/1000,000’ and the stores ref: 6B/349. The ruler measures 53 cm long by 5 cm tall. It slides into a pocket on the inside of the bags top flap. As used in V bombers. The bag measures 46 cm wide by 35 cm tall.
Vintage Royal Artillery Mother Of Pearl Sweetheart Brooch A very nice vintage Royal Artillery mother of pearl sweetheart brooch. I am unsure if this is from WW1 or WW2. The brooch consists of a enamelled Royal Artillery badge set on a mother of pearl backing. The badge is fastened with a pin closure. The badge has a diameter of 3cm.
Vintage Soviet Army ‘Afghanka’ Summer Cap An interesting Soviet ‘Afghanka’ summer field cap. The caps name derives from its use during the Soviet conflict in Afghanistan. The traditional soviet beige coloured cap has its original Soviet enamel red star badge with the hammer and sickle. The cap is a thin cotton material with a stiff peak and has a faux leather internal headband. The cap has 2 air vent holes on each side. The cap has fold down nape and ear flaps not dissimilar to the ‘ushanka’ hats. The ear flaps fold up and are secured with buttons on top of the cap when not in use. The cap is date stamped 1989, the year the Soviet pulled out of Afghanistan. Size 57.
Vintage Soviet Army Belt and Buckle A vintage Soviet army belt with buckle. The belt is a late Soviet item made in 1990, just one year before the collapse of the Soviet Union. The belt is constructed of a webbing material with a faux leather coating to the outside. The buckle shows the traditional hammer and sickle inset in a star. The metal buckle is a dull matt green colour. The belt is fully adjustable with its maximum size being 42”. A well made and fully usable late Soviet era belt.
Vintage Soviet ‘Pilotka’ Side Cap With Badge A very good condition vintage Soviet ‘Pilotka’ / side cap with enamel red star badge. The traditional beige colour cap is date stamped for 1974 and is a size 56. The cap has a faux grey leather headband on its interior. A very good original Soviet cap and a great display piece.
Vintage Soviet Cold War M50 Helmet An original vintage Cold War Soviet helmet. This is a Hungarian version of a Soviet WW2 Ssh40 helmet which is nearly identical to Russian helmets by the rivet placement and use of a cloth pad lining. The helmet has its original cloth pad lining and its original leather chinstrap. A good Soviet Cold War helmet.
Vintage Soviet Era Bulgarian Navy Greatcoat A vintage Soviet era Bulgarian navy greatcoat. The black heavy wool coat dates from the 1960’s. The coat has 6 brass buttons on the front for display purposes, as the coat fastens with small hook and eye clips. The brass buttons all have a naval anchor impressed onto them. The button down epaulets have the Bulgarian flag colours piped around their edges and the left sleeve has a Soviet / Communist Bulgarian navy badge. The coat has 2 external waist pockets and 1 left hand side internal pocket. The rear of the coat has a brass buttoned detachable half belt and the coat is half lined. A good condition Soviet period greatcoat. Size small / medium.
Vintage Soviet Military Ushanka Hat With Badge A very nice vintage Soviet army ‘ushanka’ hat. The heavy padded ushanka comes with its original Soviet enamel red star badge. The centre of the badge has the hammer and sickle. The hat is dated to 1982 and is made of a heavy woolen exterior with a cellular padded inside. The outside of the flaps are made with a faux fur. The ushanka hat is designed to be worn with either the flaps tied up, or in extreme cold weather with the ear and neck flaps pulled down. A well made item. The hat is a size 58. A very nice Soviet Cold War era item and a superb display piece.
Vintage Soviet Union Navy Belt and Buckle A vintage Soviet Naval belt and buckle. The brass buckle shows an anchor with the Soviet star with a hammer and sickle in its centre. The faux leather belt measures 38” long but is adjustable a few inches longer and can easily be made shorter. A good vintage Soviet era piece.
Vintage Soviet Union Parade Belt and Buckle 1988 A vintage Soviet era white parade belt. The belt is white with a vinyl outer finish and secured with a brass buckle showing the Soviet hammer and sickle in a star. The belt is dated to 1988 and is in very good condition. The belt measures 44” and can be extended by a couple of inches or reduced easily with the adjusters on the inside of the buckle and loop. A nice late Soviet era piece.
Vintage Tank / AFV Periscope by MAS GIAT A vintage armoured fighting vehicle or tank periscope. The scope is made by the French government owned ‘MAS GIAT’ company (now ‘Nexter’). The optics are very good and the rectangular viewing lens has a folding steel protective cover. It’s dated October 1991 and the top housing is painted in a desert theatre paint. This is a heavy item weighing in at 6.5 kgs. The measurements are 25 cm tall by 19 cm wide and 9 cm deep.
Vintage USMC Garrison Cap with screw in badge A nice example of a vintage USMC United States Marine Corp garrison cap with screw in badge. It’s size 7 and in very good condition. Made by Airline Instruments Inc. It has the name ‘P. Vannatten’ stamped inside.
Vintage West German Air Force / Luftwaffe Peaked Cap A very tidy vintage west German Air Force / Luftwaffe peaked cap with metal badge. Size 55 and in very good condition.
WW1 DCLI (Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry) Cap Badge A very good original WW1 Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry cap badge. The badge is in very good condition and the brass slider is stamped with the maker mark ‘Lambourne & Co Birmingham’. Nice original badge.
WW1 Era Leather Shotgun Belt With Metal Shell Holders A very interesting WW1 era leather shotgun belt with metal shell holders. The belt is marked ‘12G’ for 12 Gauge shells. Each of the 25 metal shell holders is stamped ‘Made in England’. The belt is secured with a brass buckle and the belts leather is still in good condition with only light cracking of the surface in places. The belt would be useable today. The belt measures 40.5” end to end.
WW1 French War Orphans Fund Raising Medal by Rene Lalique French Great War Fund Raising Medal for War Orphans. Designed and signed "R. Lalique" - René Lalique the famous art glass designer. About 33mm max height, struck in thin brass plate. The design is a squared cross depicting a woman cradling two infants, beneath is the Lalique signature and the inscription Orphelinat des Armees. The piece still retains a small part of its original ribbon.
WW1 German Theatre Made Trench Knife A very interesting WW1 theatre made trench knife / dagger. The design is believed to be German with its distinctive cross guard shape. This type of cross guard was commonly found on Germanic hunting knives of the period. The blade is 5.25” tapered steel and sits in a brass handle with leather washers. The cross guard is a copper colour. The blade has dulled with age and has no rust or damage. A very unusual piece. The overall length of the knife is 9”. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW1 Lee Enfield Oil Bottle by JJB A WW1 Lee Enfield rifle MkIV brass oil bottle. The bottle is stamped J.J.B for J & J Bent along with the military broad arrow. This mark for JJB is an early war production which is indicated by the lettering being inside a box. The leather washer is still present and functional as is the spoon dispenser.
WW1 Middlesex Regiment Cap Badge A very nice original WW1 Middlesex Regiment cap badge. Great patina. The Middlesex Regiment was one of the principal home counties based regiments with a long tradition. They inherited their nickname, the “Die-hards”, from the 57th Regiment of Foot (West Middlesex), which later became the 1st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment. The 57th gained the name during the Peninsular War when, at the Battle of Albuera on 16 May 1811 their commander Colonel Inglis had his horse shot from under him, severely wounded and outnumbered by the French he called to his men “Die hard, 57th. Die hard!” "Albuhera" was the principal battle honour on the Middlesex Regiment's colours.
WW1 New Zealand Reinforcement Badges 1914-1918 Book A vintage 1987 paperback of ‘New Zealand Reinforcement Badges 1914-1918’ book by Geoffrey J Lowe F.C.I.S. The book has 56 pages in total all with a glossy finish covering all the New Zealand reinforcement and specialist badges of WW1. In very good condition. The book measures 21 cm tall by 15 cm wide. A great addition to any collector.
WW1 Officers Brown Leather Boots A superb pair of WW1 officers brown leather field boots. The dark leather boots are in good condition considering their age. The right boot has a small rip on the tongue. The boots are secured by 6 lace eyelets and a further 12 fast lace points. The leather soles are hobnailed. The boots stand at 46 cm tall. I believe the boots to be a size 8. Superb display item and a fantastic piece of WW1 history.
WW1 Pattern 1913 Sword Bayonet By Remington A very nice WW1 1913 pattern bayonet made by Remington in the US for the British army. The bayonet was made in April 1917 and is in very good condition with a fully working release catch. The blade is in excellent condition with no chips or nicks. The blade measures 16.75” and the overall length is 21.5”. The ricasso has the broad arrow stamp along with a crown inspector mark with number and the letter ‘A’ for America. The wood grips each have 2 horizontal grooves cut midway in their length and are in very good condition. The leather scabbard is a MK2 and has a tear drop frog stud and stapled finial and throat. The finial and throat piece are both stamped ‘RE’ for Remington. The leather is in very good condition for its age with no holes or loose stitching. A very good example. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW1 Pioneers Brass Badge A WW1 Pioneers brass badge of the crossed axes on original card. The rank of Pioneer was introduced in the Royal Engineers in 1913 owing to a shortage of tradesmen. The pioneers were responsible for maintaining trenches installing barbed wire, installing duck boards, building bridges, laying communication cable and communication trenches. As well they constructed buildings, created and maintained roads for artillery and mules. They were not a labour battalion. Most of their work was done at night.
WW1 Red (Maltese) Cross Invalid Cup A very nice WW1 Red Cross invalid cup by ‘Regnas Of London’. The cup has a distinctive Maltese Red Cross as opposed to the regular plain red cross more commonly seen. The cup is in good condition with no cracks or chips and has expected crazing for its age. The cup measures 5.5” long by 3” tall and 5” wide.
WW1 Silk Cloth ‘Long Way To Tipperary’ Scarf Handkerchief A charming original WW1 silk scarf or handkerchief. The piece has the words and music of ‘Long way to Tipperary’ printed onto it above columns of first world war soldiers marching. The piece is surrounded by the flags of the countries united in fighting in France. The colouring has slight fading as to be expected with its 100 years plus age. One corner has a slight tear. A great piece. The fabric measures 19” wide by 18” tall.
WW1 Silk Union Jack Patriotic Handkerchief A very nice WW1 patriotic silk handkerchief with a printed British Union Jack flag. The fine silk handkerchief is double sided and shows a fluttering British flag on a flagpole. The edges are hem stitched and the piece has no holes or tears. The white background shows light age related browning. The silk measures 32 cm by 32 cm.
WW1 Trench Knife Converted Le Gras Bayonet 1880 A good example of a WW1 trench knife made from a cut down French Le Gras bayonet dated 1880. The bayonet is standard in every way apart from the shortened blade length. The bayonets were shortened for hand to hand fighting and raiding parties, making it easier to fight with than a full length version. The blade measures 9 1/2” long and is still very sharp. The brass pommel and press catch are in very good order, as are the wooden grips. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW1 West Yorkshire Regiment Sweetheart Brooch A very nice WW1 sweetheart brooch made from a West Yorkshire regiment cap badge. The brooch is brass and is secured with a pin fastening to the rear. The brooch measures 5.5cm wide by 4cm tall.
WW2 1941 British Army Jack / Clasp Penknife By F. Greaves & Sons Of Sheffield A WW2 British military Jack / Clasp knife dated 1941 made by F. Greaves & Sons Sheffield’. The knife consists of a main blade and a can opener / bottle opener. Closed length 9 1/2cm, open length 15 1/2cm. The knife is in overall good condition. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 1943 British Army Jack / Clasp Penknife By Wilson Of Sheffield A WW2 British military Jack / Clasp knife dated 1943 with ‘Wilson’ stamped underneath the date. The knife consists of a main blade and a can opener / bottle opener. Closed length 9 1/2cm, open length 15 1/2cm. The knife is in overall good condition. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 1945 British Military Large Mess Tin A large WW2 British army mess tin, dated 1945. Made by MMS and serial numbered: AA5880. Good condition. 18cm long by 13.5cm wide and 6cm deep.
WW2 American Shovel / Entrenching Tool in Pouch 1945 A very nice original WW2 US army shovel in pouch. The shovel is date marked ‘US AMES 1945’. The pouch and shovel are in good used condition. A great collectors piece.
WW2 Anti Dim Cloth in Tin A WW2 tinned anti dim cloth. The cloth would have been used to clean the inside of the lenses of gas masks and pilots goggles, adding a coating that prevented them from fogging up due to the condensation from the wearer’s breath. The cloth is dated August 1942 and made by AS & S. The tin measures 3.2 cm by 3.2 cm. The cloth measures 4” long by 2” tall.
WW2 ARP ‘Warden’ Cloth Shoulder Titles Pair An original pair of WW2 ARP (Air Raid Precaution) ‘Warden’ shoulder titles. The cloth titles are gold stitching on black backing. One of the cloth titles has a small hole above the lettering. This will not be visible if attached to a uniform. They both measure 7.5cm long. Nice original badges.
WW2 Arpax by Chillington A WW2 British ARP Fire Axe (Arpax). The 'ARPAX' was manufactured by the Chillington Tool Company Limited of Wolverhampton. The insulated handle is encased in rubber which provided protection if the axe severed an electric cable. The handle has moulded into it 'TESTED 20,000 VOLTS' on one side and ‘PRO.PAT-19242-38’ on its reverse. These were used by the Air Raid Precaution (ARP) officers and the National Fire Service (NFS) during the blitz of world war 2. The axe is in overall good condition and would be serviceable today. The piece measures 38cm long by 28cm wide. A good original piece of WW2. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 Bakelite Field Telephone 1944 The telephone measures 25 cm long by 14 cm tall and 18 cm deep. The piece weighs 4 kgs.
WW2 Brass Ashtray HM Dockyard Simons Town A WW2 solid brass ashtray. The ashtray is cast brass and depicting the H.M. Dockyard at Simon’s Town in South Africa. The ashtray shows the war years 1939 - 1945. These were made briefly after the war to raise money for injured sailors. The ashtray has a diameter of 12cm and weighs a hefty 740 grams. Nice patina. An interesting item.
WW2 British Bakelite Civil Defence Helmet Dated 1941 A very nice WW2 Bakelite helmet based on the 'Brodie' design. These bakelite versions were commercially produced for use by civil defence organisations and civilians. Complete with original liner dated 1941. The liner size is 7 1/4 and made by A.Garstin & Co Ltd The helmet is in good condition with only light age related wear. An interesting piece of wartime equipment.
WW2 British Jerry Can 1943 A WW2 British 1943 dated 20 litre Jerry can. The can is stamped with a broad arrow and ‘WD’ for war department and the year ‘1943’ along with the makers mark ‘F&L’ (Fisher & Ludlow Ltd of Birmingham). The Jerry can has a fully working lid with original its seal. The can is untested for leaks, so sold as a display or re-enactment piece. It has been repainted at some point. The can has some bumps and small dents as to be expected with its age. A good mid war piece. *****For non uk residents please contact for shipping costs*****
WW2 British Military GSTP Pocket Watch A very nice WW2 British military pocket watch by Swiss company ‘CYMA’. The watch measures 50mm diameter excluding the winding stem and the loop. The case is plated and has worn in places and there are no dents to the back. The back of the watch is stamped with the military broad arrow and ‘GSTP’ (General Service Time Piece) ‘T28754’. The plastic lens is in good condition. The enamel watch face has 3 very feint hairline cracks in it. This in no way effects the pieces time keeping. The watch keeps very good time over a 24 hour period with the loss or gain of a minute or two. A good working wartime military pocket watch.
WW2 British Military Lamps, Signalling, Daylight, Short Range A very nice complete boxed WW2 Signalling Lamp, with a morse key unit. The equipment is labelled ‘LAMPS, SIGNALLING, DAYLIGHT, SHORT RANGE’. The lamp and attachment parts all fit into the two compartments of the green metal box, the top of which is covered with military canvas. The lamp can be hand held or staked into the ground using the provided 3 part stake which is housed within the box. The lamp unit is made by Lucas lamps. The morse key is marked ‘Key WT 8 AMP No.2’ and is fixed to the inside of the lamp compartment of the box. An rotating aperture plate is provided to reduce the light output along with 3 coloured discs for nighttime use. Also present is the original small service light and a box of spares. The box is marked ‘SPARE PARTS MK2’. The box contains 2 x spare Osram bulbs, small spanner, a length of wire and a further smaller box of spare screws, connectors and washers. The Lamp, Electric, Signalling, Daylight, also called a Lucas Lamp, is a military signalling lamp used starting in the First World War and through until after the Second World War. Very nice to have the complete unit with all the parts. The only item not present is a battery. The box measures 22 cm long by 21.5 cm tall and 16.5cm wide. The weight is 5.6kgs. FOR NON UK RESIDENTS PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR SHIPPING PRICES
WW2 British No 199 Mk IV Fuse Anti Aircraft 3.7” A WW2 British No 199 Mk IV Time Fuse For The British 3.7 Inch Anti-aircraft Gun. This is a fired example. The 3.7” anti-aircraft gun was the standard heavy anti-aircraft gun used from 1938 throughout WW2. The No 199 fuse was the first fuse used with this gun and was superseded by the clockwork fuse which was in turn was superseded by the proximity fuse. This fuse is stamped: No199IVRL10/39 RL2/40 1069. There is also a stamped crown on the brass collar. The nose cone is heavily pitted and the base shows the blast damage. It measures 4 1/2” tall by 2 1/4” wide
WW2 British No1 Mk2 Morse Key A WW2 morse code key in green metal housing. The top of the housing reads ‘Unit Operator No1 Mk2 Y.A. 8414’. Inside the housing sits the morse key. On one side of the housing it reads ‘Phones’ for a headset to be plugged in and the other side reads ‘Mic’. The metal housing is attached to a thick fabric base to help silence the key when in use. The key has a solid feeling spring when depressed. The piece measures 5” long by 4” wide and a little over 3” tall, and weighs 900 grams.
WW2 British Officers Haversack / Valise 1940 A good WW2 British Officers haversack or valise date stamped 1940 and made by M. E. Co. This item of webbing was introduced in 1939 and not a part of the original 37 pattern set. Often called the ‘Valise’ the officers haversack has a web carrying handle at the top and a cloth section divides the interior into two compartments. There are two small pockets on the front secured by brass snap fastenings. The haversack was worn on the left side directly onto the webbing belt. The bag is in good condition with no holes or broken fixings or fastenings.
WW2 Canadian Lee Enfield Pig Sticker Bayonet 1942 A WW2 Canadian Lee Enfield No4 Mk2* ‘Pig Sticker’ bayonet. The Mk2* was a further simplified version, with the socket and blade as two separate forgings. This lowered costs and allowed manufacture by subcontractors. This also disbursed production, mitigating the risk of production being interrupted by bombing. Two-piece construction gives the No4 Mk2* its characteristic stepped join between blade and socket. The bayonet is unmarked and is in good overall condition with fully working release catch. The bayonet comes with its scabbard and 37 pattern webbing frog. The makers name is rubbed but the year 1942 is visible. A good complete piece. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 Civil Defense Field Telephone Restamped 1954 An interesting WW2 field telephone in original case. The case is marked ‘Field Telephone Patt 13152, MFG Co Ltd London 1954’. The last part of the original date stamp has been covered over with a new year date (54). The Bakelite handset has a swivel mouthpiece and is attached to the unit via a black 2 core cable. The earpiece has a small nibble out of its casing. The inside of the lid shows a ‘Diagram Of Connection’ and the case has 2 metal loops for attaching a harness / carry strap. The unit is powered by a folding crank arm, which turns well. This is a heavy piece weighing in at just over 4 kg. The item measures 18.5 cm long by 12 cm wide and 12.5 cm tall.
WW2 Daily Mail ‘World War Atlas’ New Edition 1940 A circa 1940 (pre Russia invasion by Germany) Daily Mail world war atlas New edition. The paperback book has 32 pages of coloured maps covering all areas of land, sea and air operations of the second world war up to its time of print in 1940. Compiled by George Philip & Son Ltd. The book is in good condition with some with minor fraying/curling of edges and corners. The book measures 28.5 cm tall by 23.5 cm wide.
WW2 Daily Mail ‘World War Atlas’ Third Edition 1943 A 1943 Daily Mail world war atlas third edition. The paperback book has 32 pages of coloured maps covering all areas of land, sea and air operations of the second world war up to its time of print in 1943. Compiled by George Philip & Son Ltd. The book is in good condition with some with minor fraying/curling of edges and corners. The book measures 28.5 cm tall by 23.5 cm wide.
WW2 German Reinigungsgerät 34 / K98 Cleaning Kit - 1942 A WW2 German Reinigungsgerät 34 or more commonly known as ‘K98 rifle cleaning kit’. The tin is stamped ‘arr 42’ for “Braunschweigische Blechwarenfabrik” in 1942. The Reinigungsgerät 34 or cleaning device 34 was officially introduced in the German army on 4th September 1934. The cleaning set was designed for use in all type of weapons (pistols, rifles, Machine pistols and Machine guns) from 7.9mm to 9mm caliber. The tin contains a metal oiler, a cleaning chain, an oiling brush and a cleaning brush. Good original piece.
WW2 Japanese Invasion Money Malaysia 10 Dollar Note WW2 Japanese government issue invasion money, issued from 1942 until the allies recaptured Malaya in 1945. Uncirculated. Has slight age related browning.
WW2 Kit Bag D-Ring Brass Clip A second world war brass military kit bag clip. These were used by allied armed forces while their kit bags were in transit. They would be secured around the top of the kit bags loops and then secured with a pad lock. Made of solid brass with a folding arm. Nice patination to the brass. 12 cm long and 7.5cm tall.
WW2 RAF Air Ministry Handheld Compass Type 06A A WW2 RAF handheld compass. This is a hand held compass used for taking a bearing in wartime aircraft when the fixed type compass was faulty or difficult to read. They are illuminated and batteries are located in the stalk. Untested. The compass has lost its suspension fluid but the face still turns freely. The paint on the top of the compass has come away in some places revealing the brass beneath. The prism and prism attachment are present and work well. The underside of the brass compass where it meets the plastic handle is marked ‘3/44’ for March 1944. The compass comes in its original wooden box with all original paint and stencils. The fabric carry strap is not present. A good salty collectible piece. The boxed compass weighs just under 2 kg. The piece measures 27 cm tall by 13 cm wide and 14 cm deep.
WW2 RAF Kit Bag Dated 1940 A WW2 RAF kit bag date stamped AM (Air Ministry) 1940 under its closing flap. The bag has the service number 1188099 and the initials FB along with a superbly detailed RAF insignia inked onto its side. The name ‘Blake’ along with the service number is printed in blue on the bag. The service number dates to an April 1940 intake at RAF Cardington. The bag has its original cord. There are some small holes, marks and signs of age, but the bag is still solid and usable. When laid flat the bag measures 33.5” long.
WW2 RAF Malaya Pewter Mug Tankard A fantastic 1940’s Malayan pewter tankard with an RAF eagle. The tankard is hand planished and slightly conical in shape and made in Malaya by YSD pewter. The makers logo is faintly visible on the tankards base. Items like this example were bought by overseas servicemen as mementos and gifts. . There are very light nicks and scratches as to be expected with the pieces age. A great item. The tankard measures 11 cm tall by 13 cm wide and weighs 480 grams.
WW2 RAF Pathfinder Pin Badge Second World War badge for the Royal Air Force's Pathfinder Force, authorised in November 1942. This highly skilled specialist unit, formed on 15 August 1942 (under Group Captain, later Air Vice-Marshal, D C T Bennett), developed techniques of target location and marking by night. The badge was worn 5mm below the tip of the left tunic pocket flap. It was removed when on operational flying duties to avoid the role of captured personnel being recognised and thus exposing them to interrogation about their methods and the top secret radar they used. The pin bar on the reverse has markings partially readable ‘Station Pat. 25133/22’ The badge measures 2.5 cm long by 1.5 cm tall. A superb original piece.
WW2 RAF Volunteer Reserve Collar Badges Pair VR A pair of WW2 RAF Volunteer Reserve Brass collar badges. Both badges have their folding retaining pins. They each measure 1 1/2cm by 1cm. They both have age related wear on the letters and are in good condition.
WW2 RAF Wireless Air Gunner Brevet Badge A WW2 RAF Wireless operators Air Gunner cloth brevet badge. The role of WAG was a dual-trained aircrew, trained to operate the aircraft's radio and operate a defensive turret. Good original badge. The badge measures 8 cm.
WW2 RCAF Air Gunner Brevet Badge An original WW2 Royal Canadian Air Force cloth brevet badge for ‘Air Gunner’. The badge has a kings crown above a wreathed AG with a single wing. The badge measures 8 cm long. A good original badge.
WW2 Royal Air Force RAF Bullion Cloth Badge A superb original WW2 RAF bullion cloth badge. The badge is in used condition with expected age related wear. The badge measures 10cm wide by 9cm tall. A great collectors piece.
WW2 Royal Navy ‘Bravo’ Signalling Flag A fantastic large WW2 period Royal Navy signalling flag indicating ‘Bravo’. The flag was also used to indicate ‘I am taking in, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods.‘ The flag is panel stitched and complete with it’s rope and bronze Inglefield clips. Very faint broad arrow stamp on the hoist. The flag has a couple of small holes and age related marks but is in overall good condition for its age. A great display piece. The flag measures 48” long by 36” tall.
WW2 Royal Navy ‘Speed’ Signalling Flag A very nice large WW2 Royal Navy signalling flag indicating ‘Speed’. The flag is panel stitched and has its original rope and bronze Inglefield clips. The hoist is stamped F537 and has the broad arrow mark. The flag has no holes and some light marks as expected with its age. A nice collectors piece. The flag measures 60” long by 45” tall.
WW2 Royal Navy Jack Knife Dated 1944 A WW2 Royal Navy jack knife date stamped 1942. All metal construction. The knife consists of a marlin spike and main blade. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 Russian POMZ Tripwire Mine A WW2 Russian POMZ tripwire mine. The POMZ mines are Soviet made stake mounted anti-personnel fragmentation mine. The mines consist of a small TNT explosive charge inside a hollow cylindrical-cast iron fragmentation sleeve. The sleeve has large fragments cast into the outside and is open at the bottom to accept the insertion of a wooden stake. The mine is normally armed with a tripwire fuze. The tripwire can be set to detonate via both pressure or pressure release. The piece measures 5” tall with a 2.4” diameter. It weighs in at 1.3 kgs. *****FOR NON UK RESIDENTS PLEASE EMAIL FOR SHIPPING*****
WW2 Staffordshire & The Border Regiment Cloth Glider Badge A very nice 1950’s Staffordshire and The Border Regiment glider patch battle honour. The patch has a yellow HORSA glider worked in yellow on a khaki rectangular background mounted on black cloth. The battle honour originates from the units being deployed during WW2 in gliders behind enemy lines. This appears to be an ex display piece as it has been previously attached to something. The badge measures 6.5 cm long by 4.5 cm tall. A nice vintage piece.
WW2 The Kings Royal Rifle Corps Swagger Stick 1944 A very nice WW2 swagger stick with a hallmarked Birmingham 1943 silver finial for the ‘The Kings Royal Rifle Corps’ dated 1944. The leather bound stick was awarded to ‘P.J.S. Stokes, Prize Cadet 170th OTCU (Officer Training Cadet Unit), Motor Bns, 15th June 1944’, as inscripted on the silver finials neck. The swagger stick measures 69 cm long and also has a hallmarked silver ferrule at its lower end. The leather is in good condition with only slight age related wear at the finial end. The silver finial is lightly dented in a couple of places. Overall the stick is very well made and solid. A very interesting piece.
WW2 US Veterans Garrison Cap with Ruptured Duck Badge WW2 US Veterans garrison cap with Ruptured Duck Patch. More formally called the Honourable Service Lapel Patch, the "Ruptured Duck" was given to those members of the U.S. military who were honorably discharged during WWII. Size is 6 3/4. Very good condition.