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1930’s / 1940’s WW2 Tank Sweetheart Brooch A nice sweetheart brooch in the shape of a pre war or early WW2 tank. I am unsure of the nationality of the tank. The badge is secured via a pin on the reverse. The brooch is made from a pressed base metal. Fantastic details. The measurements are 3.2cm long by 1.2cm tall.
A British 1965 Military Bush Knife / Machete A vintage British military ‘Golok’. Also reffered to as a bush or survival knife or machete. This type of equipment was used for ground troops overseas or in tropical environments. The knife comes in its original military sheath with belt attachment. The weighted blade still holds a good edge and is in good condition. A lace lanyard is still threaded through the hole on the hilt. The blade is stamped ‘ELWELL 1965’ with a crows foot mark and ‘KE18731’. The blade length is 13” and the overall length is 18” unsheathed.
A Charming British Pair Of Bystander Magazine WW1 Oak Framed Cartoons A charming pair of oak framed cartoons from WW1 from the Bystander Magazine depicting Tommies in the trenches. There is a little debris on the inside glass of one of the pictures. Other than that they are in great condition. A really nice little set. Measuring 12” by 10”.
A WW2 British Civil Defence Fire Guard Armband A WW2 Fire Guard armband in navy cotton with yellow print. The Fire Guard scheme was set up in September 1940 as the Fire Watchers Order, it became the Fire Watchers Service in January 1941 before becoming known as Fire Guards in August 1941. Fire Guards were to take it in turns to watch the fall of bombs in their local area and alert the civil defence authorities and the National Fire Service of any hits to buildings. They were also to attempt to tackle small blazes by incendiary bombs before they took hold and became larger conflagrations. To do this each Fire Guard was issued with an armband to identify their official role.
Antique / Vintage WW1 Toy Lead Machine Gunners (set of 3) A fantastic set of 3 toy machine gunners. They appear to be firing Vickers or Maxim guns. They are made from lead and still have their original paint. Each model measures 2” long by 1 1/2” high.
British Early 37 Pattern Webbing Khaki Ammo Pouch An early 1937 British webbing ammo pouch in khaki. The pouch is in excellent condition with the makers mark underneath the left pocket. The brass buckle and belt attachment are all in perfect order. These particular ammo pouches would have been worn above the main webbing belt. The item measures 8” long by 8” tall (including the strap).
Bronze Bust of Unknown German Soldier A superb vintage bronze of a German soldier with sculptors signature on rear “Fisher”. The bronze piece has been painted black at some point in its life and the paint has worn off in parts. The marble base has a fine crack in it, this too has been painted black at some point. On either side of the soldiers helmet it looks as if the insignia has been ground away. A very interesting piece that would grace any desk, mantlepiece or military collection. The detailing of the bronze is excellent. The piece stands at 6” high by 4” wide.
Cornish WW2 Victory Medal 1946 Camborne - Redruth Boxed A fantastic pressed tin Victory medal from 1946 presented by the council of Camborne and Redruth. Comes in original presentation box. The medal from bar to end of medal is 8cm. The medal diameter is 1”. The box measures 7cm by 3 1/2cm.
Cross of Honour of the German Mother in Bronze The Cross of Honour of the German Mother was introduced by decree in Berlin on 16 December 1938 by Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Awarded for exceptional merit to the German nation for mothers who exhibited probity, exemplary motherhood, and who conceived and raised four or more children in the role of a parent. A very good example with excellent enameling. Not original box. The piece still retains some of its original ribbon.
Devonshire Regiment 1930 Silver Hallmarked Company Cricket Medal A fantastic solid silver Devonshire regiment ‘company cricket winners’ medal, dated 1930. The hallmarks are for London 1929 by Pinchers of London. The medal bears the Devonshire regiments badge on the front and the inscription ‘winners company cricket 1930’ on the rear. The medal shows its age with scuffs, nicks and general age. The diameter is 32mm and weighs 16.82 grams. A fantastic piece of history
Early 1930’s Nazi Germany Postcard A superb original Nazi Germany postcard of the Rhein river from the early 1930’s. The black and white photograph postcard shows a swastika as part of the sun. A great propaganda piece. The postcard is in very good condition and unused. The postcard measures 5 1/2” tall by 3 1/2” wide.
Early Nazi Enamel Swastika Stickpin A good early Nazi stickpin with black and white enamelling. A black swastika sits central on a white background. There is very slight discolouration on the white near the bottom of the swastika. The pin has been etched or machined midway down to prevent slippage. There are no makers marks. Overall a good early Nazi party piece. The diameter of the badge is 1.5cm and the overall length is 5cm.
Early Nazi SA Political Leaders Kepi Badge RZM M1/16 A nice early SA Political Leaders kepi badge. The badge was originally gold washed but this has since worn off leaving only small traces. The badge is stamped RZM M1/16 for Dr Franke & Co K.G. Lüdenscheid. The badge measures 6.6cm across and 3.4cm tall
Early Reproduction WW2 Kreigsmarine Pith Helmet Eagle A very nice 1970’s reproduction WW2 Kreigsmarine tropical pith helmet eagle badge. The piece has nice natural patina for its 40 plus years old. The badge measures 11cm wide by 5.5cm tall.
Edward VIII Empire Day Medal May 24th An Edward VIII empire day medal on ribbon. In nice original condition.
German Nazi Tinnie Badge Labour Day 1 Mai 1937 A German Nazi party 1937 Labour / work day Tinnie or badge. The badge is made from aluminium alloy with a pin fastening at the rear. The rear is maker stamped ‘Bockle & Co Nachf’ and ‘Geringswalde SA’ The diameter is 3.5cm.
German Nazi Tinnie Badge Labour Day 1 Mai 1938 A German Nazi party 1938 Labour / work day Tinnie or badge. The badge is made from aluminium alloy with a pin fastening at the rear. The rear is maker stamped ‘R Rasenmayer JR’ and ‘Pforzheim’ The diameter is 3.5cm.
Gloucestershire Regiment Gold Plated Sweetheart Brooch A gold plated Gloucestershire regiment sweetheart brooch. There is some minor age related wear to the plate on the brooch’s front.
Hungarian Cold War 76M Gas Mask Size 2 This is an issued 76M Hungarian civil defense gas mask from the 1970's. Designed for civilians and civil defense members to work in chemical and nuclear contaminated areas, this mask can be considered as a typical Cold War-era radioactive fallout gas mask. Made from green tent canvas with rubber and has a sheep-velour face sealing. The straps are made from elasticated canvas. The mask comes with a 70M filter.
Lee Enfield No4 Mk 11 Bayonet in Scabbard A Lee Enfield No4 Mk11 ‘pig sticker’ bayonet in scabbard. This is a Canadian Model. The Crown Corporation Small Arms Ltd, Long Branch, Ontario, Canada, made approximately 910,000 No. 4 Mk. II bayonets from 1942–1944. In good clean order.
New Zealand Reinforcement Badges 1914-1918 Paperback Book An early paperback edition of New Zealand reinforcement badges 1914-1918 book by Geoffrey J Lowe F.C.I.S. 56 pages in total. In good used condition. Slight blemish on front cover and slight marks to back cover. Otherwise good condition. 8” by 6” in size.
NSDAP Double Sided 2 Piece Flag A very nice original NSDAP flag constructed of 2 pieces of material. The red backing has a white circle sewn into its centre with swastikas printed on both sides. The flag is in good condition with a couple of very small holes where it has been attached to something. There is also a feint stain near the swastika on the red backing. These in no way detract from the flag. The flag measures 62.5cm long by 42cm deep. A superb display piece.
NSDAP Political Leaders Collar Tab Eagle RZM M1/177 NSDAP Political Leader's collar tab eagle. The badge is in great condition with no damage. All three prongs are present to reverse. Eagle is marked RZM M1/177 for Franz Klamt & Sohne, Gablonz a N. The badge measures 4.1cm across by 2.4cm tall.
Original 1941 Third Reich Wehrmacht Manual For Infantry This is an original example of a Reibert Third Reich manual. Printed in 1941 it has the complete German history and soldiering sections with photos of Hitler as well as pictures of all the nazi generals. This rare heavily illustrated manual is paperback and 5 1/2” wide by 8” tall. The manual has browned in colour and the front page is loose by about a quarter of the way down.The spine is sound.
Pair of Vintage Brass Medieval Style Wall Mounted Axes A great pair of solid brass medieval style wall mounted axes. These would look great in a study or living room alike, with them either hung crossed or separately. These are solid brass, with each axe weighing in at just over a kilogram. They are 45 cm long and 17 cm wide. ****For Non UK residents please email me for a postage price****
Pair of WW2 Merchant Navy Lieutenant Engineer Shoulder Boards. A great pair of WW2 Merchant Navy Lieutenant Engineer shoulder boards. The ‘engineer’ position is indicated by the purple line between the gold. Both boards are in excellent condition and both have their laces and Merchant Navy buttons. One shoulder board is missing its backing disc.
Pair WW2 Brass RM Royal Marines Shoulder Titles A pair of WW2 brass RM Royal Marine shoulder titles with original back plates and pins. They measure 4cm by 2 1/2cm.
Post WW2 German DSB Jugend (Youth) Badge Set A nice post war German youth DSB (Deutsches Sportabzeichen) set. The set comprises of a cloth patch, a stick pin and a badge. All 3 items have the letter ‘J’ on the lower part of the wreath for jugend or youth. This design badge originated after WW2 in the 1950’s. The stickpin and the badge both have maker marks to their rear ”Ges Gesch” and “S T & L Ludenscheid”
Royal Tank Regiment Patches Pair RTR Pair of vintage RTR Royal Tank Regiment patches. These have not been issued and not stitched at any time to uniform. They measure 3 1/2” by 1 1/2”.
Silver George V Imperial Service Order Boxed With Letter An original Silver Imperial Service Medal from King George V. Boxed and with original letter. Awarded to a Mr Thomas Henry Lewis, for Postal Service. This version of the ISM was awarded between 1920 and 1931. The medal ribbon needs reattaching. A nice piece of British history
Solid Silver ARP Air Raid Precaution Badge 1938 A solid silver ARP badge, hallmarked London 1938. Air Raid Precautions (ARP) was an organisation in the United Kingdom set up in 1937 dedicated to the protection of civilians from the danger of air raids. It included the Raid Wardens' Service that was to report on bombing incidents. Every local council was responsible for organising ARP wardens, messengers, ambulance drivers, rescue parties and liaison with police and fire brigades. From 1 September 1939, ARP Wardens enforced the "blackout". Heavy curtains and shutters were required on all private residences, commercial premises, and factories to prevent light escaping and so making them a possible target for enemy bombers to locate their targets. With increased enemy bombing during the Blitz, the ARP services were central in reporting and dealing with bombing incidents. They managed the air raid sirens and ensured people were directed to shelters. The badge measures 1 1/2” tall by 1” wide.
Victorian 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot Clay Pipe A fantastic Victorian clay pipe of the East Essex 44th Regiment of foot. The pipe has lost a couple of inches of its length but is otherwise in very good condition for its age, circa 1870. Decorated on both sides. One side reads "EAST ESSEX 44" and the other "AVA PENINSULA SALAMANCA BADAJOZ WATERLOO SEVASTOPOL TAKUFORTS”. Measures 3.5” long by x 2” tall.
Victorian Chromolithograph Royal Artillery Framed Picture A fantastic original Royal Artillery chromolithograph from the 1890 book ‘Her Majesty’s Army’. mounted and framed. Measuring 15” by 12”.
Victorian Chromolithograph The 1st Life Guards Framed Picture A fantastic original 1st Life Guards chromolithograph from the 1890 book ‘Her Majesty’s Army’. Mounted and framed. Measuring 15” by 12”.
Vintage 1950’s Navy Doll Toy An 1950’s sailor doll, made of plastic and with felt clothes. The eyes close when he’s laid down. The headband on his headwear says HMS Victory. He has some age related wear, but all in all in good condition. The doll stands at 6” tall.
Vintage British MOD Military Survival / Utility Knife with Leather Sheath A British MOD Utility Survival Knife dated 1992 with MOD stamps on the wooden grip. This vintage British MOD Utility Survival Knife has a thick bowie style blade double edged with two piece wooden grips secured by three copper rivets. The blade still retains a very good edge. The scabbard is made of tan leather with MOD stamps. This Utility Survival Knife has been issued as there is a name on the inside of the securing stud loop. The Blade length is just under 7”and the overall length is 12”. The knife weighs in at over 500g.
Vintage Large Toy Canon Artillery Piece A bit of a curious one this. There are no makers marks anywhere. It appears to be a scratch built Toy Canon from around the 1950’s. It’s mostly Tin but with a wooden housing block. The pull back firing action works perfectly well and the wheels turn freely. The screw retaining the gun to the mount has at some time in its life been replaced, the barrel moves freely up and down. All in all a charming and uncommon piece. Measuring 12” long by 6” tall.
Vintage Merchant Navy P&O Officers Cap Badge / Band A great example of a vintage Merchant Navy P&O lines officers cap badge / band. The bullion badge and band are in very good condition for their age. The badge measures 3” across by 2.5” tall. A very nice collectors piece.
Vintage Pair Of Brass Canons A vintage pair of brass canons. The barrels are removable and the wheels turn. 8" long by 3 1/2" tall and 4" wide.
Vintage RAF Air Electrics AE Cloth badge RAF Brevet - AE (Air Electronics) Half-Wing Padded Embroidered Air Force Branch Badge. 3” by 2”.
Vintage RAF Propeller Sweetheart Brooch A fantastic vintage RAF sweetheart brooch in the shape of a propeller. The RAF badge is central on the front of the brooch. The brooch has a safety pin closure and is stamped on the reverse FWC & S. The brooch measures 7.6 cm long.
Vintage Royal Artillery Mother Of Pearl Sweetheart Brooch A very nice vintage Royal Artillery mother of pearl sweetheart brooch. I am unsure if this is from WW1 or WW2. The brooch consists of a enamelled Royal Artillery badge set on a mother of pearl backing. The badge is fastened with a pin closure. The badge has a diameter of 3cm.
Vintage Royal Australian Navy Deck Knife A fantastic vintage Royal Australian navy deck knife in leather sheath. The blade is flat and sharpened on one side. The handle is solid and is retained by 3 metal pins. The blade is unmarked with light wear and measures 5” long and the 2 piece handle measures 4” long. The handle has a lanyard hole at the base. The leather sheath is still solid with expected wear on the rear, it also has a belt loop.
Vintage Somerset Light Infantry Letter Rack / Desk Tidy A great vintage Somerset Light Infantry letter rack or desk tidy. This would have sat on an officer or clerks desk in company HQ. The piece is made of oak with a Somerset Light Infantry transfer on the rear. The transfer shows signs of age and light fading. The rack itself consists of 1 large and 2 smaller pockets. The front has 6 small flat head screws fixing it in place. The Somerset Light Infantry ceased to be in 1959, when it amalgamated with the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. The item measures 21cm tall by 24cm wide and 9cm deep.
Vintage Spanish M65 Helmet A vintage Spanish M65 helmet. The helmet comes without a liner and is in good used condition. Both bails are present and complete. There are no holes in the helmet with only light surface rust marks. The helmet retains 60% of its original paint.
Vintage USMC Garrison Cap with screw in badge A nice example of a vintage USMC United States Marine Corp garrison cap with screw in badge. It’s size 7 and in very good condition. Made by Airline Instruments Inc. It has the name ‘P. Vannatten’ stamped inside.
West German Air Force / Luftwaffe Peaked Cap A west German Air Force / Luftwaffe peaked cap with metal badge. Size 55 and in very good condition.
WW1 Army Service Corp Sweetheart Brooch Hallmarked Silver A WW1 Army Service Corp silver and tortoise shell sweetheart brooch. Stamped ‘Patent’ on the back. Hallmarked London 1916. 1” diameter.
WW1 British Postcard If I Once Get Hold A WW1 postcard If I Once Get Hold. Used. Slight fold on top left corner.
WW1 Bronze Ordnance Factory Powder Scoop / Measure A WW1 ordinance factory scoop / measure made of bronze. The scoop bears the WD and military crows foot stamps along with the decommissioned reverse stamp. Bronze was used in ordinance factories as it’s a non sparking metal, therefore being a much safer material for the loading of gunpowder into large artillery shells. The scoop is large and weighs in at 1.8kgs. It measures 16” long by 7 1/2” wide at its mouth. The patina is fantastic with deep dark colours. A great piece of industrial military history.
WW1 Coldstream Guards Picture Frame Trench Art A WW1 Coldstream Guards picture frame. The frame is of a white metal construction (tin or aluminium) in the Coldstream Guards badge design. The photo in the frame is original, showing a young Guardsman in WW1 uniform. The picture within the frame has a slide in glass front, both sit in a pocket at the frames rear. The frame measures 13cm by 13cm. An interesting and unique piece.
WW1 Death Penny/ Plaque Charles White A WW1 bronze death plaque honouring a Charles White. The war records show numerous listings for Charles White.
WW1 Death Plaque / Penny Harry Warner A WW1 bronze death plaque in honour of a Harry Warner. The war records show 2 entries: Private 22256 Duke Of Cornwall’s Light Infantry Died 23.07.1916 Private 45938 Wellington Regiment New Zealand Died 04.10.17 The back of the plaque / penny has been scored, presumably to be mounted onto a backing or frame at some point.
WW1 Duke Of Cornwall’s Light Infantry Buttons (Set Of 4) 24mm Set of 4 ww1 24mm Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry buttons. By E Stillwell & son London.
WW1 French Veterans Brass Adrian Helmet Plate “Soldat De La Grande Guerre” An original brass WW1 Veteran of the Great War Adrian helmet plate. The Plate has “Soldat De La Grande Guerre 1914 - 1918” embossed onto it. The Plate fits on the French Adrian helmets peak identifying the soldier as a WW1 veteran. Many were engraved with the soldiers name. This is an unengraved example. The plate is a convex 20cm across.
WW1 French War Orphans Fund Raising Medal by Rene Lalique French Great War Fund Raising Medal for War Orphans. Designed and signed "R. Lalique" - René Lalique the famous art glass designer. About 33mm max height, struck in thin brass plate. The design is a squared cross depicting a woman cradling two infants, beneath is the Lalique signature and the inscription Orphelinat des Armees. The piece still retains a small part of its original ribbon.
WW1 German Medal Pair Iron Cross (2nd class) and Honour Cross A pair of WW1 German medals. Iron cross 2nd class and the combatants Honour Cross. Both mounted and with original ribbons. The German Honour Cross has C. TH. D. stamped on the reverse. A nice little set.
WW1 German Stag Handle Trench Fighting Knife A First World War German stag handle knife. The knife comes without a sheath / scabbard. The knife has a 5” blade, the blade has dulled over the years and has light pitting towards it edges at the base. The stag handle has nice dark patination and the knife is very solid with no movement. The overall length is just under 10”. A superb period piece.
WW1 German Wire Cutters DRGM World War 1 German Wire cutters. These are the standard issue short size. The wire cutters are nicely marked with 'D.R.G.M.' (Deutches Reich Gebrauchs Muster). The cutters open and close smoothly. They measure 14” long by 4” wide.
WW1 Machine Gun Corps Sweetheart Brooch Hallmarked Silver WW1 Machine Gun Corps sweetheart brooch. Silver and tortoise shell. This particular one has had an additional safety chain fitted. The word ‘Patent’ is stamped on the rear of the silver collar. The safety chain has been attached over the majority of the hallmarks but the year letter is still visible 1916. 1” diameter.
WW1 Marksmanship Brass Badge A superb WW1 brass Marksmanship Badge. The badge bears crossed Lee Enfield rifles and is mounted on a circular brass plate. The plate is retained by 2 cotter pins. The piece measures 5.5cm by 5.5cm.
WW1 Middlesex Regiment Cap Badge A very nice original WW1 Middlesex Regiment cap badge. Great patina. The Middlesex Regiment was one of the principal home counties based regiments with a long tradition. They inherited their nickname, the “Die-hards”, from the 57th Regiment of Foot (West Middlesex), which later became the 1st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment. The 57th gained the name during the Peninsular War when, at the Battle of Albuera on 16 May 1811 their commander Colonel Inglis had his horse shot from under him, severely wounded and outnumbered by the French he called to his men “Die hard, 57th. Die hard!” "Albuhera" was the principal battle honour on the Middlesex Regiment's colours.
WW1 Pair Brass RFA Royal Field Artillery Titles A pair of WW1 RFA shoulder titles. Both come with retaining pins. One of the pair has come to me highly polished and the other is uncleaned. The unpolished one also has a slight bend between the F and the A. They measure 1 3/4”
WW1 Pair War & Victory Medals M Gallagher Royal Field Artillery A bar mounted pair of WW1 War and Victory medals awarded to Driver DVR M Gallagher Royal Field Artillery RA 43989. The medals are on their original ribbons. The rank ‘driver’ was initially used in the Royal Artillery for the men who drove the teams of horses which pulled the guns. It was phased out after the First World War, when all Royal Artillerymen of the lowest rank were redesignated as gunners.
WW1 Pioneers Brass Badge A WW1 Pioneers brass badge of the crossed axes on original card. The rank of Pioneer was introduced in the Royal Engineers in 1913 owing to a shortage of tradesmen. The pioneers were responsible for maintaining trenches installing barbed wire, installing duck boards, building bridges, laying communication cable and communication trenches. As well they constructed buildings, created and maintained roads for artillery and mules. They were not a labour battalion. Most of their work was done at night.
WW1 Royal Engineers Sweetheart Brooch Hallmarked Silver A WW1 Royal Engineers silver and tortoise shell sweetheart brooch. Stamped ‘Patent’ on the back. Hallmarked London 1916. 1” diameter.
WW1 Royal Field Artillery Sweetheart Brooch Hallmarked Silver A WW1 Royal Field Artillery silver and tortoise shell sweetheart brooch. Stamped ‘Patent’ on the back. Hallmarked London 1916. 1” diameter.
WW1 Royal Navy Sweetheart Brooch Silver WW1 silver and tortoise shell Royal Navy sweet heart brooch. Stamped ‘Sterling’ on the back. 1” diameter.
WW1 Tank Corps Brass Cap Badge An excellent WW1 Tank Corps ‘other ranks’ cap badge in brass. The badge is in very good condition and has both lugs intact at the rear, and with a retaining pin.
WW1 Trench Art .303 Bullet Posy Holder A very nice little WW1 trench art posy holder made from a .303 bullet case. The piece is 6cm tall by 7cm wide.
WW1 Trench Art Lighter A fantastic WW1 trench art lighter. It’s a 3 piece brassed metal crudely made into a working petrol lighter. The body has a few small dings and dents as to be expected for its age. It measures 2 1/4” long by 1” wide.
WW1 Trench Knife Converted Le Gras Bayonet 1880 A good example of a WW1 trench knife made from a cut down French Le Gras bayonet dated 1880. The bayonet is standard in every way apart from the shortened blade length. The bayonets were shortened for hand to hand fighting and raiding parties, making it easier to fight with than a full length bayonet. The blade measures 9 1/2” long. The brass pommel and press catch are in very good order, as are the wooden grips.
WW1 US Army Bausch & Lomb Binoculars in Leather case Cased Pair of WW1 U.S. Army Signal Corps binoculars by Bausch & Lomb. In their original brown leather case with working integral compass in the lid. The binoculars work excellently and have their original neck strap. The leather in parts is a little worn. The closing strap on the date stamped 1918 case is damaged. A very collectable piece in good overall condition.
WW1 Victory Medal to Seaman C Jeffery RNR WW1 Victory medal to Seaman C Jeffery Royal Naval Reserves 3284C
WW2 .303 Bren Gun 30 Round Magazine A very nice WW2 Bren gun magazine. The magazine base is stamped: TMS Mk1*, this could be of Canadian origin. The 30 round magazine is in very good condition with only a small area of light rust. The spring works perfectly with plenty of tension. One side of the magazine has JI stamped and the opposite side has J 4. A nice piece of WW2 history.
WW2 1942 British Army Jack / Clasp Knife A WW2 British military Jack / Clasp knife dated 1942. The knife consists of a main blade, marlin spike and a can opener / bottle opener. The can opener has C.M.W. stamped by the hinge and the marlin spike has SIK followed by the crows foot stamped on it. The main blade has the year stamp 1942. Closed length 9 1/2cm, open length 17cm. The knife is in overall good uncleaned condition.
WW2 1943 British Army Jack / Clasp Knife By Wilson Of Sheffield A WW2 British military Jack / Clasp knife dated 1943 with ‘Wilson’ stamped underneath the date. The knife consists of a main blade and a can opener / bottle opener. Closed length 9 1/2cm, open length 15 1/2cm. The knife is in overall good uncleaned condition.
WW2 2nd Edition Nazi German Civilian Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch (Labour Book) The Arbeitsbuch was a result of the Labour Law of February 1935 that required labour registration and the use of the appropriate document. The purpose of the Arbeitsbuch was to document the work history of each German citizen. During the twelve years of the Third Reich the Arbeitsbuch came in three editions. This is the 2nd edition. These documents were for German citizens only, foreigners who worked in the Reich had to carry a similar book which was printed on a different colour paper and which contained a photo of the owner while no photo was required in the domestic document. The book is the same size as a passport and filled with details and Nazi stamps. The condition is very good.
WW2 3rd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife A nice 3rd pattern Fairbairn Sykes commando knife with scabbard. The knife is in used condition with age and usage related wear. The knife is stamped with a number ‘4’ below its pommel and another number ‘4’ is visible on the underside of the cross guard. The grip has 27 rings and the pommel retaining nut has the correct vice marks either side of it. The scabbard has a brass finial secured by a staple rather than a stud. The leather is in good condition. The retaining leather or electric loop is missing. There is a slight mark toward the top of the leather on the sheath. The knife measures from tip to pommel 12”. A nice used 3rd pattern commando knife.
WW2 ARP Air Raid Precaution Whistle J Hudson & Co A WW2 Air Raid Precaution ARP Whistle by J Hudson & Co. Air Raid Precautions (ARP) was an organisation in the United Kingdom set up in 1937 dedicated to the protection of civilians from the danger of German air raids. In good used working condition.
WW2 British Bakelite Civil Defence Helmet A very nice WW2 Bakelite helmet based on the 'Brodie' design. These bakelite versions were commercially produced for use by civil defence organisations and civilians. Complete with original liner dated 1941. The liner size is 7 1/4 and made by A.Garstin & Co Ltd The helmet is in good condition with only light age related wear. An interesting piece of wartime equipment.
WW2 British Folding Barbed Wire Cutters 1944 A pair of WW2 British military issue folding wire cutters. They are stamped with the crows foot mark and the year 1944. The number 256 is also stamped above the date. The spring mechanism works perfectly and they fold and unfold as they should. The open length is 14” and the folded length is 11”.
WW2 British No 199 Mk IV Fuse Anti Aircraft 3.7” A WW2 British No 199 Mk IV Time Fuse For The British 3.7 Inch Anti-aircraft Gun. This is a fired example. The 3.7” anti-aircraft gun was the standard heavy anti-aircraft gun used from 1938 throughout WW2. The No 199 fuse was the first fuse used with this gun and was superseded by the clockwork fuse which was in turn was superseded by the proximity fuse. This fuse is stamped: No199IVRL10/39 RL2/40 1069. There is also a stamped crown on the brass collar. The nose cone is heavily pitted and the base shows the blast damage. It measures 4 1/2” tall by 2 1/4” wide
WW2 Bronze US Navy Compass A WW2 US Navy bronze compass. It has 'Forward' and 'Aft' stamped on the base along with the code: 41AA/49. The compass inner ring (face) is 4" in diameter. Overall It measures 9" long and 6 1/2" high by 7" wide. This is a heavy piece weighing in at 5kg. Please email me with regards to the cost of shipping.
WW2 F. Barker & Son 1939 Compass MK IX A superb WW2 F. Barker & Son compass MK IX 1939. The compass works perfectly and is in great condition. The back is stamped MK IX with the crows foot mark, B 9420, F. Barker & Son (1932) Ltd, London, 1939. A quality, fully working piece of WW2 field history.
WW2 German Civic Police Helmet M34 A WW2 German civic police m34 helmet without liner. The German Police (Deutsche Polizei) utilized lightweight "civic" model helmets while working in hazardous situations. These were worn for the purpose of protecting the head during regular duty when the weight of a combat helmet was not needed. The reference to "civic" stems from modern collector terminology that is used to distinguish these lightweight helmets from those used in combat. This is a steel version and still has its 4 liner attachment lugs present. Sadly the decals / transfers have been scratched off at some point. The helmet still has most of its original black paint.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Sports / PT Vest Embroidered Cloth Badge A WW2 German Luftwaffe sports/PT embroidered vest cloth badge. It has black embroidery on a white pendant backing. These were sewn onto physical training and sports vests. This badge has been previously unpicked from a vest and comes in as found condition. There is some small red marks. A fantastic original piece. The embroidered badge measures 10” long by just over 5” high.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Tropical Cloth Tunic Eagle A superb WW2 German Luftwaffe tropical cloth tunic eagle. Fantastic original piece. The eagle measures 9.5cm wide by 6cm tall.
WW2 German Nazi Party Pin Badge M1 / 34 RZM A very good condition late WW2 German Nazi party badge. NSDAP. Made by Karl Wurster. The reverse is stamped M1/34 with RZM. The badge has a 22mm diameter.
WW2 German Nazi Tinnie Badge Labour Day 1 Mai 1939 A WW2 German Nazi party 1939 Labour / work day Tinnie or badge. This was the last year of the labour day badges produced with the onset of war. The badge is made from aluminium alloy with a pin fastening at the rear. The rear is maker stamped ‘M. Kutsch’ and ‘Attendorn I W’ The diameter is 3.5cm.
WW2 Japanese Invasion Money Malaysia 10 Dollar Note WW2 Japanese government issue invasion money, issued from 1942 until the allies recaptured Malaya in 1945. Uncirculated. Has slight age related browning.
WW2 Nazi Black Wound Badge A WW2 German Nazi Black wound badge award. These were issued to soldiers injured once or twice as a result of hostile action. The black grade was stamped from sheet brass, later steel, and was painted matt or semi-matt. It has a hollow back with a needle pin. They were rarely stamped (15-20%) with a makers mark, but if one was present it would be on the reverse. Because of the decline in materials late war badges of this grade often tended to rust.
WW2 Parlez-Vous English to French Phrasebook and Dictionary for Soldiers A WW2 1942 pocket paperback English to French phrasebook and dictionary for troops. 96 pages in total with a final part for basic German. In good condition with expected fading and slight signs of wear, no pages missing and with a small scuff at the top of the spine. A fantastic bit of WW2 ephemera. The book measures 13.5cm tall by 10cm wide.
WW2 RAF Pilot Officer Shoulder Titles With Volunteer Reserve in Training Brass Badges A pair of original WW2 RAF Pilot Officer shoulder titles with brass VR T (volunteer reserve in training) collar badges attached. These were worn in shirt sleeve order overseas.
WW2 RAF Volunteer Reserve Collar Badges Pair VR A pair of WW2 RAF Volunteer Reserve Brass collar badges. Both badges have their folding retaining pins. They each measure 1 1/2cm by 1cm. They both have age related wear on the letters and are in good condition.
WW2 Snipers Spotting Telescope Scout Regiment Mk2 Broadhurst Clarkson A nice WW2 snipers spotting scope in its leather case. Made by Broadhurst Clarkson & Co. The Mk2 Scout Regiment telescope was first introduced in 1939 at the start of WW2. The telescope is a 3 draw design with an internal eyepiece protector. This is a later model with the Thermoset cladding as leather was in short supply as the war progressed. The telescope is stamped: “TEL SCT REGT MKII s 16927 O.S.126 C.A.” along with the military broad arrow. The scope has the usual slight haze when viewing but gives a good crisp picture at critical distances. There is a slight bit of thermoset clad wear on the sun shade. The leather case is in good condition accept for one of the fastening buckles has come away (it is present and will be attached to the case in the post via cord). This can be professionally attached by the purchaser. A very nice WW2 Sniping scope. *****FOR NON UK RESIDENTS PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR SHIPPING PRICES*****
WW2 South African Brodie Helmet with Liner A WW2 South African Brodie helmet with liner. The helmet is in good condition complete with original chin strap. The helmet has the 3 holes to its rear for the attachment of a neck curtain. The liner is marked CCL 1945 for Christy & Co London.
WW2 US Army Veterans Overseas Garrison Cap with Ruptured Duck Patch WW2 US Veterans garrison cap with Ruptured Duck Patch. More formally called the Honourable Service Lapel Patch, the "Ruptured Duck" was given to those members of the U.S. military who were honorably discharged during WWII. Very good condition.
WW2 US Veterans Garrison Cap with Ruptured Duck Badge WW2 US Veterans garrison cap with Ruptured Duck Patch. More formally called the Honourable Service Lapel Patch, the "Ruptured Duck" was given to those members of the U.S. military who were honorably discharged during WWII. Size is 6 3/4. Very good condition.
WW2 USAAF Overseas Garrison Cap An original WW2 USAAF overseas garrison cap. The cap is brown with blue cord with orange piping. The cap has no makers marks or owners name present. The cap has been worn and has marks inside. The cap is in overall very good condition for its age. A great collectors piece.